Batizado and Troca de Cordas

Like many other martial arts, Capoeira also has its own grading system, with a unique approach. In Capoeira, coloured belts (Cordas) and scarves were used since the days of Mestre Bimba, which he introduced as way to indicate a Capoeirista’s experience and technical skills in the roda. This also helps the Capoeiristas to focus on specific training, development and sequences according to their grades and capabilities.

The teacher is the person who decides whether or not his/her student is ready to advance to the next level. The evaluation of the student is based on his/her game in the roda, which includes not only technical and physical capabilities, but also mental and psychological. Also, the student’s knowledge of Capoeira culture, music and history is an important part of his/her understanding of Capoeira and the Roda! More information about our group’s grading system.


What is a Batizado?

A Batizado (“baptism”) is a ceremony where members being “baptized” are normally given a Corda and sometimes an apelido (Capoeira nickname) if they haven’t already earned one.Batizados are major events to which a number of groups from all over the UK, Europe and Brazil are normally invited. Sometimes a Batizado is also held in conjunction with a Troca de Corda(change of belts), in which students already baptized who have trained hard and been deemed worthy by their teachers are awarded higher-ranking belts as an acknowledgment of their efforts. Such ceremonies provide opportunities to see a variety of different Capoeira experience levels, styles, watch mestres play, and see some of the best in the game. Batizados, accompanied with Brazilian parties and social events, are also open to the public and spectators.