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Capoeira can be described as a Brazilian Art form that brings together elements of martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music in a game.

Everybody is welcome to come and train with us, men, ladies and children. So when we say everybody we do mean EVERYBODY! From absolute beginners all the way up to mestres.

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Senzala Midlands

slSenzala Midlands was formed by two Capoeiristas (Capoeira players), Tim El-Sheikh and Christos, under the guidance of Mestre Gato and Professor Carousel (Lloyd Howell), one of the founders of Group Senzala Anglia. Tim and Christos joined this group in 2001.

Before joining the group, Tim and Christos practiced Capoeira for almost two years on their own, with the help of their friend Julio. Julio is an excellent Capoeirista from Brazil who studied in the same university as Tim and Christos, and was the first person who taught them Capoeira from scratch!

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Group Senzala – Since 1963

senzala1963Founded in Rio de Janeiro, Group Senzala has been in existence for nearly 40 years. The group is probably the most famous Capoeira group in the world thanks to its many masters and other technicians teaching Capoeira. First introduced to Great Britain in 1971 by Nestor Capoeira but did not flourish until 1989, with the arrival of Mestre Gato. Continue reading “Group Senzala – Since 1963”