Jason (Poeta)

Jason (Poeta)Jason has been training Capoeira since 2005. He first saw Capoeira when the Leicester Group did a demo at a cultural evening (Jason was attending) on a Saturday and he went to the class on the following Monday. He has been hooked ever since. In fact, he enjoys Capoeira so much that whenever Jason travels he checks where the nearest Capoeira group is so he has played Capoeira in: Ireland, Wales, China, Ghana and Israel. He plans to play in many more countries and ultimately in Brazil.

What draws Jason to Capoeira is the movement, interaction, flow, dance elements of the game. To Jason, the energy you get when you play can be magical and allow you to go past what you thought were your physical limitations.

Jason has been teaching for two years now and is the lead student in Leicester under the guidance of Mestre Pedro. He communicates regularly with Mestre Pedro to ensure his classes always follow Senzala traditions and style.

His Capoeira nickname is Poeta, due to the various Capoeira poems and stories he has written and recited at various cultural events.