Mestre Pedro

pedroMestre Pedro has been training and studying Capoeira for over thirty years with Mestre Gato one of the founding members of Group Senzala in 1963. Since his arrival in Scotland in 2000, Pedro’s been working with the main dance and arts schools in Scotland such as:

Northern College in Dundee, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and the Scottish Youth Dance in Glasgow and Dance Base in Edinburgh.

He got his purple belt (Professor) in November 2000 and has been teaching regularly classes since 1995 for his Mestre and in some gyms in Rio de Janeiro. He has also been involved in a few charitable projects in poor communities such as Canta-Galo and Fallet in Rio de Janeiro in 1996.

He regularly teaches in the other centres of the group in Cambridge, Norwich, Leicester, Harlow and London. He has taken part in many Capoeira meetings in Europe such as the summer meeting in Hamburg, Easter Meeting in Amsterdam, Capoeira Festival in Montpellier, Lyon and Copenhagen. He has been  invited to take workshops in Serbia and more recently in Indonesia.

Pedro received the red cord in July 2011 at the Vadiacao event in Rio de Janeiro.

To contact Pedro, please call or e-mail:
Phone: (07951) 716 540