Christina (Mochila)

ChristinaChristina (Mochila) started training Capoeira in Utrecht with Mestre Picapau (Cascadura Capoeira) in 2011. Back then, it seemed the only reasonable university sport, with step aerobic and Zumba as the only alternatives. But she loved it so much that in fact, the first thing she looked up when offered a PhD position in Leicester in 2013 was whether there is any capoeira. This is how she came to Grupo Senzala. Having lived ‘abroad’ for shorter and longer stints of time since living in the UK, she has trained in Austin, St Petersburg and Barcelona, of course whenever travelling, and she has joined Mestre Pedro several times for Capoeira trips to Iran. Christina teaches classes in Leicester, and when she does, you never walk away without some good flexibility/mobility work-out – as a certified yoga teacher, she just can’t help it.