Our goals


Everything we do in our group is based on our passion for Capoeira, the awareness of its benefits and a strong sense of community, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. We know this because we are a result of Grupo Senzala’s work. Our group has been around for over 50 years and those same principles drove the young adults that started the group back in the sixties in Rio de Janeiro. These are the goals are that fuels our group’s commitment to keep bringing people in the community from every background together, supporting a more active, healthy and diverse society.

Kids classAlong our half-century history we have been on the cutting edge of Capoeira training methods and techniques. We have influenced not just other groups but how capoeira is taught. Behind all this is the belief that we can always improve to achieve better results. We are constantly revising our teaching methods in order to insure that all aspects of Capoeira music, its movements and traditions are passed on in the best possible way.

It’s the awareness of Capoeira roots that push us to focus also on working with those most vulnerable in our society specially children, ethic minorities and low income. Group Senzala has performed and taught in many charity events that shared those aims. We offer free demonstrations to schools and community groups through out the UK. (Read Bring capoeira to your school!)

communityAlthough we are present in a few countries, every single school is community based. Capoeira is organic. And it grows from master to students: We follow the path laid by our Mestre: Mestre Gato. All of us who are part of the group have come from his work directly or indirectly.

Group Senzala was founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1963. Mestre Gato is one of the group’s founders and brought Capoeira to the UK in 1989. His son Mestre Pedro have continued the work since 2000 and has since set up groups through out Scotland, England, Wales, Europe and Asia. Read more about the history of Grupo Senzala.